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Exploring the Excitement: Inside EGS Open Class May 20th, 2023


On Saturday, May 20, 2023, Edu Global School held the EGS Open Class and Mini Parenting event with the theme "Optimizing Children's Interests and Talent Workshop." The event, opened by a dance performance by Edu Global Bandung elementary school students, aimed to introduce the programs and classroom atmosphere that take place on a daily basis at EGS, ranging from elementary school to junior high and high school levels.

The Open Class participants, totaling 30 children, took part in trial classes for each school level. The participants enthusiastically engaged in learning Art, specifically painting on various media, guided by competent and experienced teachers. Additionally, they learned English through spelling and conversation exercises conducted by native speakers.

While the children attended the Open Classes in English and Art, the parents were provided with an introduction to Edu Global School and a talk show on Children's Interests and Talents. EGS also invited alumni to share their experiences in discovering their talents during their time at EGS. Amidst the event, the parents were treated to musical and vocal performances by Edu Global Bandung high school students showcasing their talents.

Furthermore, the participating parents received parenting knowledge from Nyimas Ratu Rema, S.Psi., a psychologist from Edu Global Bandung for elementary to high school levels. The session focused on Children's Interests and Talents from a psychological perspective. The parenting material garnered enthusiasm from the parents, as evidenced by the numerous questions posed to the psychologist.

At the end of the event, the participants of the Open Class were appreciated and awarded, along with their parents/guardians, and engaged in further discussions regarding the values and programs offered by Edu Global Bandung's elementary, junior high, and high schools.

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