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Bilingual Program Class

The Bilingual Program Class is a regular class offered by Edu Global School for students in grades I-VI for elementary school, VII-IX for junior high school, and X-XII for senior high school. In the teaching and learning activities (KBM), two languages, English and Indonesian, are utilized. Specifically for the subjects of Mathematics and English, the resources used adhere to the standardized Cambridge Curriculum books.

Please explore the details of the Bilingual Class program. You will discover that this program strongly supports the success of your educational journey, laying a solid foundation for future success.

Featured Program by Edu Global School

Edu Global School gives emphasis on providing academic excellence through a state of the art program. We also accord great importance in holistically developing an individual with strong principles and values, while further imbibing skills and talent for our students to be world-ready. Our School Features is Smart School, Character Development, and International Exposure. Our Program Pillars is Academic Excellence, Character Building, and Talent Development.

You can learn more about the advantages of our program on the Features and Curriculum page.

National Curriculum (Kurikulum Merdeka)

Bilingual Class adheres to the national curriculum known as the Merdeka Curriculum, meticulously refined by our exceptional Academic Team to empower students in navigating the challenges of the 21st century.

Each learner will get a worksheet book as a learning resource specially formulated by Edu Global School to support fun and appropriate learning. In Bilingual Class, especially English and Math subjects use books from the Cambridge Curriculum.

More importantly, Edu Global School has the advantage of having IELTS, Arabic, and Tahsin-Tahfizh subjects.

Islamic Environment

Edu Global School places significant emphasis on addressing the spiritual needs of its students. In addition to the Tahsin-Tahfizh subjects, we integrate various religious activities, including congregational prayers (Shalat Berjamaah), regular Dhuha sessions, Kultum (religious talks by student), Mabit (Malam Bina Iman & Taqwa), and celebrations of significant religious events.

Improved Learning Resources

As explained, Edu Global School has a worksheet book as a learning resource. The books are compiled by our best teachers to support perfect learning. And for Math & English Subject using Standardised Cambridge Books.

Intense English Environment

Edu Global School has a habit of speaking English in all situations including teaching and learning. As we know that English is very important to enter the international world.

Highly Skilled Teachers

Edu Global School has teachers who are graduates from top universities. In addition, most of them have participated in the Teacher Professional Education Program by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Even more they have Integrated Cambridge Subject certification.

Overseas Study

Edu Global School has an Overseas Study program to provide a real experience of studying abroad. The purpose of this program is to practice independence & problem solving, socialize with foreigners, practice English conversation, and have a global insight.

The program is implemented for about 10-14 days. The destination countries are Singapore & Malaysia (for junior high school students) and Australia/UK (for high school students).
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